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  • You must accept the fact that all Creepypastas are FICTIONAL. This means they are not real and are fake.
  • Do not harass users on the wiki. This includes death threats and opinion disrespecting. Both of those acts aren't allowed here.
  • Absolutely no vandalism nor spamming is allowed here.
  • This is an ENGLISH Wiki! We only allow foreign-speaking users that known the basic knowledge of the English language.
  • Please don't commit drama here. If so, then go back to the ROBLOX Creepypasta Wiki, you can experience more drama there.
  • A Punishment is a punishment. If you get banned, you must accept it and, of course, deal with it.
  • Swearing is allowed. However, discriminating is not allowed.
  • Do not ever advertise your pasta or wiki here.
  • Do not post anything that is "not safe for work" (NSFW). You know what we mean about that.
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